Extra Credit Writing Assignment

Extra credit can be earned by reading an article from a psychology journal or magazine and writing a two-page summary and critique of the article. Only 2 articles per marking period can be completed for extra credit. All extra credit is due during your class period on or before the last day of the marking period.

For 10 points: Read a full page article from APA’s Monitor on Psychology, or another approved article from the classroom resource binder. Write a one-page summary and a one-page critique.

For 20 points: Read a full journal article from American Psychologist, the Journal of Educational Psychology, or the Journal of Social Issues. Write a two-page summary and a one-page critique of the article.

Summary Requirements: FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1. The main issue or problem the author is focusing on in this article.
  2. The main purpose of the article and information author presents to support.
  3. The conclusion(s) being drawn by the author.
  4. The implications of the conclusion(s).
  5. The point of view of the author, author bias, or author’s assumptions.
  6. Discuss the significance of the issue which is the focus of the article. Why is it important? On what do you base your assertions regarding its significance?
  7. What potential problems do you see in the author¹s reasoning? What potential problems are there with the author¹s use of information? Does the information used appear relevant, significant, valid, and sufficient for the conclusions being drawn? Do you have enough information to determine whether the information is relevant, significant, valid?
  8. What point of view is ignored by this author, or has not been considered in dealing with the issue?